Artificial Intelligence (AI) Updates 2024

Certainly! Here are some key points from recent research on 
**Artificial Intelligence (AI)**

 1. **Risks in AI for Scientific Research**: - Yale anthropologist Lisa Messeri highlights the risks associated with AI applications in scientific research. While AI can enhance productivity, it may also lead to a reduction in deep understanding and learning¹. - Psychologist Molly Crockett and Lisa Messeri argue that AI poses long-term epistemic risks to scientific practices, beyond just obvious errors². 
 2. **Insilico's AI-Driven Drug Discovery**: - Insilico, a company in the field of drug development, has revealed its AI-driven process. The paper aims to convince skeptics by showcasing the quality of AI-discovered and designed drugs backed by scientific data³.
 3. **Predictions by AI Researchers**: - In a large survey, 2,778 AI researchers predict milestones by 2028. These include autonomously constructing payment processing sites, creating indistinguishable songs, and fine-tuning large language models⁵. 
 4. **Other Recent AI Developments**: - Ultraviolet-laser processing enables intricate microstructures for biohybrid actuators⁴. - Innovations in depth-from-focus/defocus improve computer vision systems⁴. - Ancient sea creatures inform soft robotics design⁴. - AI alters middle managers' work⁴. - An AI-driven system autonomously learns Nobel Prize-winning chemical reactions⁴. These findings highlight both the potential and challenges of AI in various domains. Researchers continue to explore its capabilities and impact on society. Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/8/2024 
(1) Doing more but learning less: addressing the risks of AI in research. 
(2) Producing more but understanding less: The risks of AI for scientific research. 
(3) Insilico 'pulls back the curtain' on AI drug discovery process in hope of convincing skeptics. (4) [2401.02843] Thousands of AI Authors on the Future of AI - (5) Artificial Intelligence News -- ScienceDaily.
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